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What is the Flowable Injection Technique?

If you are looking to transform your smile in Houston, TX, Park West Dental is the place for you! Dr. Kuruvilla is certified in the revolutionary smile-enhancing technique of flowable injection. First introduced by Enrique Guzman, the flowable injection technique allows patients to change the color, length, shape, and density of their teeth, all while concealing cracks, chips, and gaps in their smile!

Step By Step

The process for completing this cosmetic procedure all begins by having a conversation with our dentist. This gives us an opportunity to understand your goals and just what a beautiful smile looks like for you. Once we are completely confident that we know what you are looking for, we can begin the first step:

To begin, we will need to take an impression of your teeth. Depending on which teeth you would like cosmetically altered, we may take an impression of the top and bottom arch. This will be used to create a tray that precisely fits your smile.

Once the tray has been created, and we are sure it fits your teeth perfectly, we will create slight modifications to either lengthen, thicken, or change the shape of the tray impression. This will create room for the composite to be injected into the tray and fill the negative space.

Once the tray is ready, it will be slipped over your freshly cleaned teeth so that we can begin the injection process. We will carefully inject fluid composite into the tray and allow it to fill the impression and surround your natural teeth. The tray will act as a mold to ensure the composite flows into the correct areas.

Using an LED light, we will cure the composite into position, allowing it to adhere to the enamel and harden around the tooth. The composite will look and feel just like a natural tooth and can last for between three and five years.

The Benefits of Flowable Injection Technique

The flowable injection technique produces incredible results and can achieve an aesthetic appearance similar to that of veneers or crowns. The only difference is that this technique is much less invasive and does not have to be permanent. When getting veneers or crowns, patients must have their natural teeth contoured or reshaped to fit a prosthetic appliance over the surface. Using the flowable injection technique, our composite simply bonds to your natural teeth, eliminating the need for natural tooth modification. Other benefits include:

Is the Flowable Injection Technique Right For You?

If you would like to transform your smile without creating permanent damage to your teeth, this is the method for you! Composite is a material that is durable enough to sustain regular use of your teeth and blends seamlessly into your smile. The results appear natural and can be completely customized to fit your smile goals. But is this method right for you?

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