Sedation Dentistry

Have you felt nervous about your upcoming dentist appointment? You’re not alone. Many people experience a condition known as dental anxiety or are simply unnerved by the prospect of a lengthy surgery or treatment. While we can assure you that there is nothing to be afraid of when you see us, we understand that you may want additional comfort.; for that reason, we offer sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry allows patients to feel relaxed throughout their appointment and not experience fear or panic. In many cases, they may even find themselves falling asleep or having little to no memory of their visit! At Park West Dental in Houston, TX, we offer multiple sedation services to choose from. These vary by method of administration, intensity, and duration of effects; that way, you can choose the type that is most comfortable for you and appropriate for your procedure.

Types of Sedation Offered at Park West Dental

  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation – This sedative option is administered as a breathable gas that is provided to you through a small nasal mask. Nitrous oxide begins taking effect quickly, producing an overall feeling of relaxation and comfort. Once the mask is removed at the end of your appointment, you will be able to resume normal activity and behavior almost immediately. Nitrous oxide has no lingering effects, making it a great option for a quick dental visit in between work or school.
  • IV Sedation – Sedation administered through IV is capable of producing a much stronger effect of relaxation. Under IV sedation, you may drift in and out of consciousness and feel as if you’re dreaming. This method may allow us to complete a long procedure or perform a lot of work in one visit while you’re feeling comfortable. Due to the intensity of this sedative, it will be required that you have a friend or family member drive you to and from our office.
  • Oral Sedation – This form of sedative is administered as a pill prescribed by your dental care provider. In order to take full effect by the time of your procedure, we usually recommend it to be taken an hour before the time of your procedure. Oral sedation may cause you to feel drowsy and relaxed. As these effects tend to last after the appointment is complete, we ask that a friend or family member drive you home from our office.

Get the Care You Need Without the Worry!

Don’t let dental anxiety stop you from getting the treatment or services you need! Our team at Park West Dental is here to support you with smiling faces, a welcoming attitude, and gentle care. Call today to ask about sedation for your next visit.

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